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Boost Your Plant’s Growth

Boost Your Plant’s Growth

Peruvian Gold Crescendo Nutrient

Peruvian Gold Crescendo

Botanicare Cal-Mag


Nectar for the Gods “Demeter’s Destiny” Liquid Calcium

Nectar for the Gods Liquid Calcium

The iPonic 624

Hydroponics Set up

Drip Works Nutrient Doser 1% MixRite Injector (Non-Adjustable)


EB Stone will at the June 11th Event representing Recipe 420

The Recipe 420 has been gaining ground on the cultivation scene because of the active ingredients in it and the fact that it retains water so you don’t have to water as much.  It is also the only soil on the market that has Actinovate which is a disease preventative for the root system.  I […]

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EB Stone will be at our event the 11th to show case Recipe 420!

I love this soil because it retains water and has some of the best ingredients a person could want in a soil.  It has volcanic pumice and worm castings in addition to Ecto Myco and Endo Myco.  But what I like most about this soil is it has the actinovate in it so you don’t […]

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Lagunitas for the June 11th event at the Sebastopol store.

We are less than 3 weeks away from our store event.  We will have some great vendors there.  I asked Royal Gold who do the tupur to come who I think are the best bagged soil but I also have Patrick from the Soil King there who does bulk soil.   I geopot and tapping roots […]

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Paul from Smart Pot

Smart Pot Aeration Container

Cinco De Mayo 2016

Here at the office early and can’t wait for the day to get started.  We have so many exciting things going on in the industry due to the new laws that will allow for people to grow legally and to make profit.  All of this sounds too good to be true but it is going […]

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Customer Appreciation Day! June 11, 2016

Hydroponic Irrigation System at Deep Roots in Sebastopol

Deep Roots’ New Commercial

Deep Roots recently launched our new TV spot! Check it out on a TV near you! Deep Roots provides hydroponic supplies to all of Sonoma County, helping you get your hydro garden up and running smoothly. We can teach you the hydro basics, offer setup recommendations, and get you the right products to keep your […]

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