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Back Packs & Bags

We supply a wide variety carbon lined back packs, duffle bags and bags. as well as almost all color styles and sizes come check them out!

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Hydroponic Gardening Equipment

Gardening Tools & Equipment

Every gardener must be equipped with an arsenal of tools and equipment. Deep Roots has everything you need to set up and maintain your garden or hydroponic system.

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Landscaping clippers

Harvest Supplies

We have all the supplies you need for your harvest from Scissors, Trim Bins Trim Bags all the way to De-Budders, Drying Racks, Shield n Seal and all other needs

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Grow Lighting at Deep Roots in Sonoma County

Indoor Gardening

Deep Roots has all the indoor gardening supplies you need. View our selection of grow lights, temperature & humidity controls, and equipment.

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Lighting and Environment

There is a large selection of all indoor lighting from T5 fluorescent fixures of all sizes, LED and LEC lights and bulbs as well has the 1000W HPS and MH

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Hydroponic Liquid Nutrients and Additives

Nutrients & Additives

We carry an extensive selection of nutrients and additives for all your hydroponic and gardening needs. View our large supply of all major brands and let's get your plants thriving.

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outdoor gardening

Outdoor Gardening

Deep Roots is your first choice for an outdoor gardening partner. Check out our selection of equipment, compost, and greenhouse supplies.

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Plant Care & Pest

We have a wide variety of all natural pest products as well as new products that are California safe

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hydroponic plumbing irrigation

Plumbing & Irrigation

Plants need water, so you need plumbing & irrigation supplies. Deep Roots has all the water pumps, irrigation, and filtration systems you need.

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soils and potting mix


Deep Roots carries a wide variety of quality soils, soil-less mixes, and growing media.

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